Wednesday 10/21/15

What up party people! It’s time for the Playboy Morning Show, the only way to start your day with a bang.

It all got goin’ this morning with a fresh costume for our Halloween Costume Countdown. Today, Lauryn showed off her Mother Nature outfit, turning it into a MNILF.

10_21_2015_10 10_21_2015_11

After that, we celebrated our College Issue of the magazine with a little lesson in thermodynamics… Just kidding! We played some Rear Pong, the only way to procrastinate, compete, and get wasted all at the same time. You can study once you graduate!

10_21_2015_01 10_21_2015_02

We then checked out the latest in our #WedgieWendesday series, and it’s becoming quite a little opus, what with a fresh video every week. Today’s “Saw”-themed wedgie video will spook you in all the right ways.

Then, we welcomed in our first guest of the hour, actor Michael Shannon, who came in to talk about his new film “99 Homes,” which he stars in opposite Andrew Garfield. Michael chatted with us about putting a face to the housing crisis of 2008, and answered some questions about Playboy in our 4 More Things segment.

10_21_2015_05 10_21_2015_06

After a quick break, we brought in our next guests, YouTubers Mike Capes and Mikey Bolts from the web series “Life Hacks.” Ever wanted to get into an amusement park free of charge? Of course you have! Check out their videos for an answer to that and much more.

10_21_2015_03 10_21_2015_09 10_21_2015_12

To close out the show, our models came in to help us do some Hacking Off, where they created new hacks from props they found strewn about the studio. They may not look useful, but these hackable inventions may end up saving you loads of time per day. Like, full minutes!


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