Tuesday 10/27/15

Well helloooo there! Care to check out a Playboy Morning Show?

We started off with yet another Halloween Costume as we count down the minutes until strangers will give us candy. Today, Janel showed off her Maleficent costume, and channeled all that Jolie sexiness that comes along with it. Whether you put on stilts and draw on some absurdly high cheekbones is really your choice to make.

After that, we ran you through some good advice in our How Not to Die Alone segment, where our models did their best to give a PSA against acting like a jackass. Like, from the TV show. Dangerous stunts where you inevitably hurt yourself never impress women, unless you’re Evel Knievel.

We then spoke via Skype with Randy Leslein, inventor of the Chambong, a device that allows you to shoot champagne into your mouth and still look “classy as fuck” while doing it. It’s the sure-fire way to make sure you’re the envy of the entire wedding party!

To honor this feat of human achievement, we had our models do their best to team up and get small marbles into a champagne flute using a beer bong. It’s a lot tougher, and only proves that this invention is more than necessary.

After a quick break, we brought in our next guest, voice actor Brendon Small from Adult Swim’s “Metalocalypse.” Brendon’s trying his best to get this beloved death metal show the final season it deserves, and you can help! Check out MetalocalypseNow.com and make your voice heard. Good luck spelling Metalocalypse right on the first try.

10_27_2015_01 10_27_2015_04 10_27_2015_05

To close out the show, our girls showed their activist side by making protest signs, chanting slogans, and talking out of getting arrested. If you ever find yourself part of a picket line, follow this advice: be sexy.


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