Wednesday 10/28/15

It’s nearly Halloween and we’re already getting spooky sexy… Send us candy!


Speaking of Halloween, today’s Costume Countdown entry was brought to us by Sherra, who showed us that you don’t really need a lot of fabric to get your point across. Sometimes all it takes is a little hint, a lot of skin, and the imagination can run wild.

After that, we chatted with Mr. Skin on the phone, and he brought some fresh celebrity nudity to our attention, as he has been known to do. Don’t ever change, Skin.

We then welcomed in comedian Lachlan Patterson, and he talked with us about being a handsome comic, and about how it sucks when friends come to his shows and sit right in the front row. We like our friends to hang out in the shadows too.

10_28_2015_02 10_28_2015_07

Since Lachlan is such a nice guy, we decided to make him be mean in our Mean Memes segment, where everybody got in on the fun of making fun of other people. Even our producer Marc got picked on, proving that no one is ever safe, ever.


We took a quick break and then welcomed in Matt Iseman, comedian and host of “American Ninja Warrior.” We talked to Matt about the success of the show, if he would ever go back to being a practicing doctor, and about how much he can bench (315… not bad).

10_28_2015_03 10_28_2015_08

To close out the show, we played American Skinja Warrior, where our models leapt, crept, and shadow-jitsu’ed their way through our obstacle course, before planting a shurikin in our wheel of numbers. Hot girls would make great ninjas if you think about it.

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