Thursday 10/29/15

Happy Halloween from everybody here at the Playboy Morning Show! Go forth and get scary sexy!


To start things off, we celebrated the culmination of our Halloween Costume Countdown with four costumes all at once! If something even slightly resembling the hotness of our girls arrives at your front door this year, give them all the candy you have.

After that, we checked out the football weekend ahead with some Lick ’em, Stick ’em, and Pick ’em, Halloween edition. That just means pumpkins take the place of footballs, which is something we really wish the NFL would give a try. It’d be so much more festive, you know?

After that, we welcomed in indie-rock band The Mowgli’s, whose new song benefiting refugees, “Room For All of Us,” is out now. Buy it now, for a good cause. We even managed to make room for all of the Mowgli’s on our couch, which was a feat in and of itself. If we can do it, so can you!

10_29_2015_24 10_29_2015_29

The Mowgli’s are all about good vibes, and with Halloween over the weekend, there’s no better time than now to shake off that bad juju. Our girls came in to play Haunted Hotties, where they sexily shook off the ghouls, ghosts, and drunken Instagram DM’s that plague every October 31st.

10_29_2015_25 10_29_2015_26

After a quick break, we brought in three spook-tacular guests: Jeffrey Reddick, writer of the “Final Destination” franchise, Lisa Wilcox, star of “Nightmare on Elm Street” films 4 and 5, and Kelli Maroney, star of cult classics “Chopping Mall,” and “Night of the Comet.” We’ve got some spooky royalty here in the studio with us and it feels so good. We wish Halloween was every year.

10_29_2015_06 10_29_2015_08 10_29_2015_09 10_29_2015_19

To close out the show, we had our girls throw together some evil movie villain costumes and do their best to scare our guests and hosts. Something about hot naked girls in weird masks makes us feel all… strange inside. Exactly what Halloween should feel like!

10_29_2015_01 10_29_2015_02 10_29_2015_03 10_29_2015_33 10_29_2015_34

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