Monday 11/2/15

Monday blues got you down? Rest your eyes and ears on the Playboy Morning Show and let us ease your weary soul.


Our show got goin’ this morning with a look back at the football weekend. We checked out how Dan and Andrea fared in the weekly battle of brains vs. bust, this week tying at 2 a piece. Everybody’s a winner!

After that, we talked via Skype with Bryan E. Wilson, aka the TEXAS LAW HAWK (caww!). Bryan’s ads for his criminal law practice have become quite the viral sensation, and we talked to him about his inspiration, and about exactly what it takes to be the only Law Hawk in the game. Seriously, watch those videos, they’re great.

We had our girls pitch some animal-themed goods and services of their own, like the Dent Dolphin for Daryl’s Car Shop, and the CPA-tapede. Nothing quite beats the sheer ferocity of the law hawk squak.

11_02_2015_04 11_02_2015_05

After a quick break, we welcomed in Kevin Pereira, host of the new TruTV show “Super Into,” which has celebrities show off their hidden passions. It’s interesting to see people get excited about things they love, especially celebrities, and ESPECIALLY when it results in Kevin getting so stoned that he had to go to the hospital. That’s pretty high.

11_02_2015_02 11_02_2015_06

To close out the show, we played Whatcha Into, where Kevin tried to guess which multiple choice answer our girls would choose, and if he matched up, they had to lose some clothing. It’s a good thing Kevin is Super Into mind reading.

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