Tuesday 11/3/15

Greetings, fellow nudity enthusiasts! Or, if you’re stumbling across the internet and happened to land here, congratulations, brand new nudity enthusiast!

We started things off with a Playboy Think Tank: Tailgating edition. Our girls showed off some prototypes of inventions they drew up in the lab. And by lab, we mean backstage. And by drew up, we mean cobbled together with some tape we had lying around.

11_03_2015_03 11_03_2015_04 11_03_2015_05 11_03_2015_06

We then checked out some Stupid Human News, where our hosts valiantly try to determine whether a news story is from real life, or the twisted minds of our writers. Either reality is getting harder to pin down, or our writers are learning how to express human emotion. Awww.

After that, we played Selfie Promoters, in honor of the boxing article in the November issue of Playboy. Each team of two models did their best to coach each other on selfie style and technique, creating some truly stunning pieces of cell phone art. You’ll need every single megapixel for this one.

11_03_2015_08 11_03_2015_09 11_03_2015_10 11_03_2015_11 11_03_2015_12

After a quick break, we brought in Kevin Shea to play some games with us, the first of which was GuySight, where our models asked Kevin for some relationship advice. It may not have been perfect advice, but it sure was funny, which is just as good.

11_03_2015_01 11_03_2015_17

To close out the show, we celebrated the fact that some police officers are using nun-chucks on their beats, so we played Nun-Chicks! Our models showed off their skills gripping, twirling, and smacking those sticks around, and even beat the balls off some inflatable men. You… you sorta had to be there.

11_03_2015_13 11_03_2015_14 11_03_2015_15 11_03_2015_16

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