Wednesday 11/4/15

We’re stuck in the middle of the week… guess that’s why they call it #WedgieWednesday!

We started things off with a Rate the Trait, this time ranking movie tropes that our models would like to see in real life. Would you put everybody smelling great over slo-mo sex, or sex in the rain? Play along at home, and send your answers to us. We’ll be waiting.

11_04_2015_03 11_04_2015_04

Next up, we premiered the new James Bond-themed #WedgieWednesday video, with some great performances by Drew and Dan, and some even greater performances from the green screen we shot it on. What CAN’T it play?

We then took a trip to Playboy’s Sadness Feast, inspired by the DVD’s you can buy in Japan that simulates someone eating with you. We decided to make our own version, and Dan gave it a test run. If you can ignore the repeating dialogue, it’s really quite life-like. Just don’t try to feed your TV.

After that, we tested our girls’ social media skills with a whack-a-mole style game that involved a selfie stick and some of the top social media sites in the game today. These models are pro’s and consistently put up 20, 25, and over 30 hits in under thirty seconds. The Playboy Morning Show likes this.

11_04_2015_05 11_04_2015_06 11_04_2015_07 11_04_2015_08 11_04_2015_09

We took a quick break and then brought in our guest for the hour, actor and musician Christian Kane, promoting his new show “The Librarians,” which just started season 2 on TNT. Christian has been on the show before, and we’re big fans of his, so I guess that makes us honorary Kane-iacs, right? Are we saying that correctly?

11_04_2015_02 11_04_2015_12

To close out the show, our girls showed off their sexy librarian alter-egos as they shush-ed and stripped their way through to the end of the show. In retrospect, a librarian game is long overdue.

11_04_2015_10 11_04_2015_11

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