Thursday 11/5/15

Make like a narwhal, and stay a whale. It’s the Playboy Morning Show!

WEeeeeee started things off today with a lil’ look ahead to the weekend of football, as Andrea and Dan did their best to guide you through your bets and make sure that scary guy in the tracksuit doesn’t come and break your legs. Good luck! You’ll need it.

After that, we chatted with Mr. Skin, who had a surprisingly seductive Mr. Skin minute today, that featured a hot actress in her 40’s who made her nude debut. Hey, better late than never, right?

Next up, we brought in Jeremy Barnett, CEO and founder of Trendy Butler, a new subscription service that takes the guesswork and shopping out of the male fashion equation. It’s something both men and women can get behind, so definitely check them out on their website and give ’em a try. Click riiiight ….. here. And be sure to check out their Black Friday through Cyber Monday deal, where new customers get 50% off!


Our girls showed off their knowledge of the fashion world with some questions in Know It or Show It, and stripped out of their men’s clothes and underwear, proving that tighty whities should never be worn by anyone ever.

11_05_2015_04 11_05_2015_05

We went to break and came back to welcome in comedian Pablo Francisco, man of a thousand voices. He will be performing all around the country through the beginning of next year, so check his website and see if you can plant yourself right in the blast radius of his comedy explosion.

11_05_2015_01 11_05_2015_12

To close out the show, Pablo helped us create some movie trailers with his awesome movie trailer voice, as our girls navigated through three boxes of props and costumes to mad-lib together a brand new film. Coming to theaters once we attach an executive producer.

11_05_2015_08 11_05_2015_09 11_05_2015_10 11_05_2015_11

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