Tuesday 11/10/15

Happy Topless Tuesday from the People’s Republic of Playboy (formerly the U ass-ass R).

The show started with a quick re-cap of the Monday night Lick ’em, Stick ’em… football games, with Andrea’s titties getting a strict talking-to from Dan, begging them to shape up the state of their picks. For our own financial stability, we hope it works.

Next up, we checked our Fe-Mail box, answering letters from viewers just like you! Hopefully we accurately addressed any and all questions, comments, and concerns you had, and if not, then write us again, maybe?

We then talked over Skype with Clancy Philbrick, artist and inventor of “Nutscapes,” which combines beautiful landscape photography and the male gonads. Together at last, these two stylistic elements mix to form something new, funny, and brave. It’s everything art should be… with nuts.

To celebrate this artistic achievement, our girls played Nut Up or Shut Up, where they picked up peanuts and tried their best to shoot them into a giant burlap sack that we suspended from the ceiling. Just like your grandparents used to play back on the farm during the depression!

11_10_2015_04 11_10_2015_05 11_10_2015_06 11_10_2015_07 11_10_2015_08 11_10_2015_09 11_10_2015_10 11_10_2015_11 11_10_2015_12

After our two-minute break, we brought in Playmate Rachel Harris, who is our fresh Miss November for 2015! Rachel talked with us about her art. her desire to be in the public eye, and whether she’d rather date a guy with a face tattoo or a man-bun. The answer mayyy surprise you.

11_10_2015_01 11_10_2015_02 11_10_2015_03 11_10_2015_19

To close out the show, our models showed off their own painting skills in our Chicktionary game. Rachel guessed, and also took the brush and stroked our nude canvases herself. Artists gotta art, y’know?

11_10_2015_13 - Copy 11_10_2015_14 - Copy 11_10_2015_15 - Copy 11_10_2015_16 - Copy 11_10_2015_17 - Copy

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