Wednesday 11/11/15

It’s a beautiful day in the Play-borhood, so come on in and take off your shoes… and pants…

We started things off today by once again talking about face tattoos, and we realize we’ve been a little harsh on all the ink-faced people of the world. We decided to really put the idea to the test by having our models’ faces be our test area. Don’t worry, though, with the magic of computer technology, we were able to temporarily alter their visages, without the life-long risk of unemployment. #noRegrets!


On our latest #WedgieWednesday installment, we took it back to maybe the greatest movie of all time: The Godfather. Did our wedgie video live up to the original? We’d like to think so.

Then, Dan and Andrea played Politic or Lunatic, where they heard a random quote and had to guess whether it came from the mouth of a politician or someone even more crazed. This is the sequel to our popular Bureaucrat or Busey game, but we were running out of Gary Busey quotes, so here we are. Gary, if you’re reading this, say some more crazy stuff and you can get your game back.

Up next was some Tough Love, where our girls read letters from audience members like you (well, hopefully not JUST like you) and we heard some advice from our models and Andrea, and then some hard truths from Dan. It may not be what you want to hear, but it’s what’s NEEDED. ALL CAPS!


We took a short break, and then welcomed in our guest for the hour, actor and comedian Jonathan Kite, star of CBS’s wildly popular sitcom “2 Broke Girls,” which premieres season 5 this week. Jonathan talked about his first acting gig out here in LA, and was nice enough to do some of his amazing impressions for us. That’d be the best way to get good seats in a restaurant, that’s for sure.

11_11_2015_02 11_11_2015_07

To close out the show, our girls did impressions of some of Josh’s characters from his past, and boy did they impress! I guess that’s why they call them impressions, right?

11_11_2015_04 11_11_2015_05 11_11_2015_06

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