Thursday 11/12/15

Our show today is packed to the brim and fit to burst, so let’s not waste any time with intros.

The Playboy Morning Show kicked things off today with a quick look at some crazy nude news stories from around the world, in our Good Naked/Bad Naked segment. Our girls did their best to turn a story about a pool distraction robbery into a sexy recreation. Nightly news, take note!

Mr. Skin called in and took us through a very fine week of famous nudity indeed. Sarah Silverman and “the Knick” were featured, and Skin showed once again why he’s the leading name in celebrity skin.

We then crammed our couch with four stars of the new “Funhouse Massacre” film. We had Clint Howard, Sebastian Siegel, Erick Chavarria, and Mars Crain all come in and talk about the horror/comedy flick, which hits theaters tomorrow, (appropriately) Friday the 13th. We had our girls come into the studio to try and give our guests a scare for a change. The scary stories sure seemed to scare the models, at least.

11_12_2015_01 11_12_2015_0511_12_2015_0311_12_2015_04

We took a quick break and then came back with some Lick ’em Stick ’em and Pick ’em for the football games this weekend, and we even had some professional help via Skype with KellyinVegas, a professional handicapper and hot chick! She gave her own professional insight into Dan and Andrea’s picks and will hopefully get them back on the right track.

To close out the show, we had Dan and Andrea go through yet another Playboy Fantasy Picks, where they each picked two models to compete in some sexy tackling, touchdown dancing, and the pantie field goal. It’s good!

11_12_2015_11 11_12_2015_12 11_12_2015_13

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