Monday 11/16/15

Good morning from everybody here at the Playboy Morning Show. We can’t think of a better way to stick it to the extremists of the world who seek to divide us than tuning in. Best part is, they’ll probably be super pissed off.

We started our peaceful, naked show this fine morning by giving thanks. It’s that time of year again, and what says Thanksgiving more than being grateful for your great nipples. We’re grateful for them too.

After that, we checked out how Andrea and Dan AND our Vegas Odds-maker Kelly did picking the football games from this weekend. It was a tough week on everyone, and things really shook up in the NFL, so the jury is still out on how having Kelly’s insight will help Andrea’s titties pick better. Until then, hold tight.

Next up, we talked via Skype with skier Ian McIntosh, whose recent video of his 1,600 ft. tumble down a mountain has caught the attention of the national media. Miraculously, he survived with only scrapes and bruises and was back out on the slopes in two days time. We definitely would’ve called it quits.

In honor of this death-defying incident, our girls played Flash Before Your Eyes, where they flashed their boobs to buzz in and answer survival-type trivia questions. If that was the last thing we saw, we’d be ok with that.

After a quick break we brought in our next guest, legendary comedian and marijuana enthusiast Tommy Chong. Tommy talked with us about his early days in one of the first punk bands ever, and his recent victory over two types of cancer. He’s really putting that medical marijuana card to good use.

To close out the show, we put our girls down on a giant bean bag and had them expound on ways that weed could change the world in our Weed ’em Out segment. World peace really is only a toke away.

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