Tuesday 11/17/15

Friends, humans, countrymen, lend us your eyeballs. We’ll give them back, we swear.

We started off the show by continuing our week-long Giving Thanks marathon, today having Reyna tell us all about how much she’s grateful to have all the different sex positions. Nothing says Thanksgiving quite like turkey style.

We then checked in on how well Dan and Andrea picked last night’s football game, and Andrea may have some life left in those pickers yet!

Switching gears to a different sport, we talked fighting for our Hot Girl Focus Group. Does it turn them on as much as some meat-head guy stereotypes would have you believe? That doesn’t seem to be the case. Unless of course it’s to defend her honor. Chivalry isn’t dead!


Our girls then flexed their own punching muscles in our Knockers Out segment, throwing their best hay-makers against poor inflatable Dan. We don’t know whether to pity the doll or feel jealous.

After a quick break, we welcomed in Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz, two stars of the reality show “Vanderpump Rules” on Bravo Monday nights. They talked about being famous while also having to go to work, fighting amongst the cast, and Tom Sandoval’s latest song from his band Charles McMansion. If you’re ever in West Hollywood, drop by the restaurant, they LOVE it.

To close out the show, we brought out our girls to play some Truth or Bare. We figure that the guys must know a thing or two about sniffing out lies from being involved in a TV reality show, and they didn’t disappoint. Well, our girls got naked anyway, that’s really all we can be sure of.

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