Thursday 11/19/15

Gobble gobble. Gobble gobble gobble. Gobble gobble. Playboy Morning Show.

We started our last show before the Thanksgiving break by checking out how to project confidence at work. We’ll have to test some of these out next time we’re walking by the models who make this show run. Our models came in and played If You Know What I Mean, where they put together a mad-lib-style sentence and then gave it the confidence it needs to succeed. It really is all about HOW you say it, not WHAT you say.

Next up, we picked the football games for this upcoming weekend, with a little help from our Odds-maker Hottie, KellyInVegas! Kelly skyped in and talked football with us, before weighing in on Dan and Andrea’s picks. Place your bets now!

We then checked out a very festive Thanksgiving edition of Howe To with the Howe Twins, where they showed us how to prepare a turkey. Try this recipe at your own risk.

Every one of our models came into the studio to tell us what they’re thankful for, reminding us of some things that we should never take for granted: the doggystyle position, Hitachi wands, and pussy. Among other things.

After a quick break, we brought in artist and toy-reconfigure-er The Sucklord, to talk about his art and how one gets into the bootleg toy industry. Oh, and we had a few questions about the name, too.

To close out the show, our girls came in and made some bootleg sexual toys of their own, with Drew taking home the victory with her guy-on-lizard-on-guy doll. Don’t look for this in your local Toys r Us.


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