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Thursday 12/18/15

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Ho ho howdy everybody! You’ve all been very good this year, as Santa has brought you a fresh episode of the Playboy Morning Show!

Our X-mas X-travaganza kicked off in snowy style with our final Ass-vent Calendar getting turned over. It revealed a poem that suggested Santa wants an open marriage. After seeing the other candidate Mrs. Claus’s, we can see why.

Next up, we talked to Mr. Skin on the phone, who talked about his top boobs of the year in film and TV, giving this year’s title to the ample-bosomed Joey Fisher. Don’t let the name fool you, she’s all woman.

It was then time to pick this weekend’s football contests in our Lick ’em, Stick ’em, and Pick ’em segment, with a little help from our Vegas insider, KellyinVegas. With Kelly’s help, all bets are off. Well, actually they’re on.

To help bring Dan and Andrea some good ju-ju, vibes, and all-around luck, our girls came in with a generic, yet heartfelt, good luck cheer. Goooo Sports!

We came back from our break with some Holiday-themed Stupid Human News, where we heard stories like the man who drove drunk and hid in a nativity scene (real) and a fight where 12 Santas got arrested at a strip club (fake). It’s only a matter of time until all stories have happened at least once.

In our final segment, we closed out our X-mas X-travaganza with a hot model unwrapping and some naughty candy cane spankings. It doesn’t matter how bad our girls have been, there’s no way they’re getting coal.

Well folks, it’s been a great year, and we thank you for watching the show with us. We’ll be back live after the New Year, so see ya in 2016!!


Wednesday 12/16/15

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It’s very nearly Christmas, so if you haven’t finished all of your naughtiness for the year, allow us to be of service.

Speaking of Christmas, our Ass-vent Calendar was in for a good un-wrapping, and so was our lovely model Lauryn Elaine. You’re right, Lauryn, it IS what’s inside that counts.

We let those who have been unduly naughty, nasty, or downright wimpy air their grievances, and then shot them down in just fashion. That’s right, sometimes holidays are the perfect time for some Tough Love.

We then welcomed in famous host Pat O’Brien, who was joining us to talk about his new book “I’ll Be Right Back After This.” In this memoir, he talks about all the ups and downs of his career, and his new-found sobriety. It makes for a great Christmas gift (hint hint).

Using Pat’s expertise, we had our girls try to recreate his old hosting gigs by reading some cue cards all while getting their ears talked into. It’s harder than it looks, and that’s the point. Even Pat got in on the action, maybe because it’s nice to be on the other side of it for once.

After a break, we brought in Danish EDM producer and man-bun owner Morten Breum, whose new track “Stick Up” featuring actress and singer Juliette Lewis is out now. He’s also made a splash with his re-mix of Adele’s “Hello,” which came out very recently as well. We’d say this is one great Dane. Sorry, we had to.

To finish things off for us, we played a game called Glow Jobs, in honor of all the shenanigans that you see out on the dance floor of a rave or club. We even dimmed the lights, just so you could get that late-night-should-I-have-another-drink feeling.

Tuesday 12/15/15

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It’s Nudes-day here in the Mini Mansion, so take a skinny dip in our cool waters.

In our latest Ass-vent calendar door, we found a poem that gave Dan a gift! Lucky guy. As he opened his present, he revealed that he had gotten what every guy truly wants: the gratuitous nudity button! He didn’t waste much time in pressing it, and our models came in and bounced around the studio. The button wields such power.

We checked in on how our Monday night football picking went, and it seems Andrea has been hoodwinked again. It’s been tough pickin’s this season.

Our first guest on the show today is former Olympian and multi-national title winner Suzy Favor Hamilton, whose new book “Fast Girl” is out now. Suzy talked with us about her running career, her personal mental battles, and even showed Dan a few barre exercises to keep in shape. Although Dan doesn’t really have a career as a professional runner to help boost those gains.


While Suzy was in studio, we played our own version of Fast Girls, where our models tried to keep a balloon in the air while also juggling the many aspects of Suzy’s fast life. It’s hard to keep your balance, especially in high heels.

We took a short break, and came back to welcome in Sammy Carlson and Todd Jones, representing the “Sammy C Project,” which is a film that features Sammy free-skiing out in the openness of nature, rather than the confined slopes you normally ski on. Todd produced the film as part of Teton Gravity Research, which produces films for skiing, surfing, and every other extreme sport that gets you tons of action. Their findings on gravity are that it still works, but you can use it to be awesome.

As we ended the show, our models came in to pitch some fresh ideas to these guys on how to help keep warm and safe while also skiing naked on some fresh powder. Part of keeping safe is, of course, making sure you always look photo-ready.


Monday 12/14/15

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Welcome back from the weekend! We here at the Playboy Morning Show have just the cure for your Monday hangover: boobs!

Christmas is right around the corner, and we continued opening up new doors for our Ass-vent calendar, today talking about holiday travel and the allure of the mile-high club. It’s really all about how easy-access your clothes are.

We checked back on how we did this weekend with our football picks, and were pleasantly surprised! We also picked Monday night’s game which features the Giants and the Dolphins going head to… fin?

Our first guest for the hour was Monet Bell, star of FYI channel’s new show “#BlackLove.” Monet is still looking for Mr. Right after appearing on “Married at First Sight” and divorcing soon afterwards. We enlisted her help in tracking down the right kind of guy for our Ladies’ Man segment, where our girls picked traits at random and said if any of them were deal-breakers. The lesson here is always see how good the sex is, because it might make the other problems seem not so problematic.

After our two-minute intermission, we welcomed in Erica Rose, star of VH1’s forthcoming show “Love at First Kiss.” Erica is the show’s kissing expert and shared some of her special skills with us. She can also telepathically tell how big a guy’s penis is, which is a super power in and of itself.


To wrap things up, we had our models come into the Mini Mansion one last time and play Kiss and Tell, where they showed off where their lesser-known erogenous zones lie with a few expertly-placed lip marks. To put them to the test, we had them plant some wet ones on each other and see how visibly worked up they got. We had to bring in the hose after we went off the air.

Thursday 12/10/15

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It’s the tail-end of the week, and we’ve got some fine tail as always to remind you that the weekend approacheth!

Our fun little show got going this morning with some peeling off of our next Ass-vent Calendar. Today our models helped each other trim their trees, which here means cutting through their bras. But you already knew that.

We then chatted on the phone with Mr. Skin, as we do most Thursdays, and he brought some fantastic famous nudity from around TV and the big screen. Which do you prefer: small-screen nakedness, or the film variety? Do some research at and let us know.

Since football is this weekend, we played some Lick ’em, Pick ’em, and Stick ’em, with the help of our sexy odds-maker KellyInVegas. There’s some fine tilts going down this weekend, so don’t forget to glue yourself to the TV and make sure your money is walkin’ back to your pocket and not far, far away.

After a quick break, we brought in sexual empowerment coach Amy Jo Goddard, whose new book “Woman on Fire” is out now. Amy talked with us about how we can ALL get what we actually want in bed, which we believe is something everybody can get behind.

To close out the show, we played some Bediquette, where our models got into bed and asked some questions of Amy. Where appropriate, they got a little physical. You know, to make a clearer point.

Wednesday 12/9/15

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We wish you a Wedgie Wednesday, straight to your North Pole.


We began things around here with the next Ass-vent Calendar getting flipped over, by the lovely Cody. She had a bottle of whiskey in hand, and, appropriately, talked about getting in the holiday spirit with some holiday spirits. Call it a happy accident, I guess.


We then watched what can only be described as a massterpiece, in the latest installment of our #WedgieWednesday “Wedgie Wars” films, in honor of the new “Star Wars” film coming out that you may have heard about. Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion a week from today!

Our first guest for the show today was none other than Playmate of the Year Dani Mathers! (Maybe you’ve seen her pictures somewhere). Dani came in to hang out and talk with us about “Playmate Review,” the new special airing tomorrow at 9PM PST right here on PlayboyTV. Check it out for Dani, stay for all twelve of this year’s spectacular Playmates. Who will be the next PMOY? You’ll have to wait and see.

While Dani was in our humble Mini Mansion, we decided to add even more Christmas cheer to our morning, with a Playboy Sleepover: Holiday Edition. Our girls ate candy canes, cookies, told holiday miracles, and even had a pillow fight. That reminds me, I need to get some festive PJ’s.


After a quick break, we welcomed in our next two guests Ray Santiago and Dana DeLorenzo, from the new STARZ hit “Ash vs. Evil Dead.” Ray and Dana talked about their roles on the show, working on a legendary franchise, and their expertise with a “boomstick.” That’s what the kids are all saying nowadays.

To close out the show, we played Know It or Show It, where our girls tried their best to stay clothed as they answered trivia questions based on “Ash vs. Evil Dead.” They may have Deadites, but we have Nudeites.

Tuesday 12/8/15

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It’s a Topless Tuesday here in the Mini Mansion, and that’s the bare truth.

The Playboy Morning Show was festive from the start today, with another notch knocked off in our Ass-Vent Calendar, courtesy of Carly Lucy. We’re not really sure what she read about, but we know that it involved a lot of bending over. We should put everything closer to the floor.

We then checked out a sneak preview of our Playmate Review show, which airs this Thursday night, as hosted by PMOY 2015, Miss Dani Mathers. She’ll be on the show tomorrow, so tune in then too.

Speaking of Playmates, we happened to have one on hand! Eugena Washington is our Miss December 2015, although you may already recognize her from “America’s Next Top Model.” She’s no stranger to the runway or the camera, and it shows in her awesome pictorial. But don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself.

As is tradition, we rolled on to play Playmate Pick Six, where Eugena takes numbers off of a naked girl and answers questions about herself. She got them all right, making history as the first Playmate to do so! Just don’t tell the other Playmates that.


We took a short recess, before returning with comedian and long-time friend of the show Brad Williams. Brad is coming off the success of his latest comedy special and now has a girlfriend with whom he’s had many a three-way, so we’re just glad he’s not too good for us anymore!


To close out the show, we played our Playboy Fantasy Picks, with Brad picking two ladies, and Dan and Andrea picking two in a battle of football sexiness. After the tackling, the dancing, and the pantie field goal… it was still too close to call. The good thing about football is that it can end in a tie.

Monday 12/7/15

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Happy Moanday, ya’ll. If you’ve got the start-of-the-week blues, just moan it out.


Our show began today with another flip of our Ass-vent Calendar. Today, Ali Rose showed off her Mistle-Camel-toe belt, and gave every one of you the next idea to spice up your bedroom antics holiday style. That, or an unsubtle way to ask for some oral. Depends how you slice it.

We then welcomed in Patrick Renna and Tommy Savas, stars of the new film “Bad Roomies,” which features the two of them navigating their friendship while also dealing with their new, hot girl roommate. It’s never a good idea to sleep with your roommates… unless everyone is invited into the fun.

In their honor, we played Rate the Trait, where our models cleaned up their messy room as they put bad roommate characteristics in order of least annoying to full-on evicted. Don’t be THAT guy.

After a quick break, we brought in Nyle DiMarco and Lacey Rogers, from “America’s Next Top Model.” Nyle won the competition, and Lacey finished in the top four of what is, for now, the final season of the show. Pretty high honors. We’ll miss you, Tyra.

To close out the show, we played America’s Next Top-less Models, where our models strutted their stuff, made a comeback to the haters, and posed with a strange prop. Modeling is all about making it look easy, and making easy look good.

Thursday 12/3/15

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Yo yo yo, whattup Morning People! Time to getcho read on and hit up this blog, YAHEARD?

We started our show off today by ticking off another box on our Ass-vent calendar, with the help of Ms. Evey Snow. Evey read a poem about putting your tits on a copy machine at the office Christmas party (as is tradition), and showed us her print-out. Machines have all the fun.


Next, we talked on the phone with Mr. Skin, who revealed his Top 10 Favorite Nude Scenes of the Year! 2015 was a doozy when it comes to celeb nudity, and this list might cause some controversy. What do you think is too high? Who got snubbed? Check out and let him know.

We then brought in our first guest for the hour, bassist for INXS and new supergroup Stadium, Garry Gary Beers. Garry talked with us about how one goes about picking out a “supergroup” and the story behind his interesting name. We actually like it better doubled up.

While Garry was in studio, our girls played The Bottom End, in honor of bass players everywhere, as our girls used their bottoms to try and carry the rest of the band, just like bass players do in every band. They’re the real unsung heroes.

After a quick break, we brought in our long-time Producer Marc Morgan to say goodbye after nearly 4 years on the show. We looked back at a montage of his greatest moments, all which feel like they just happened yesterday… oh, wait… they all did.

It was then time to pick the football games for Lick ’em, Stick ’em, and Pick ’em. We breezed through it, but that doesn’t mean they don’t hold the same weight… this is football, dammit!

Our second guest of the hour was comedian Brent Morin, who is one of the stars of NBC’s “Undateable,” which airs Fridays at 8/7C. He also has a brand-new stand-up special out now that you should definitely check out. Brent talked about his history as the lowest rung on the production ladder, and his meteoric two-year rise to the big time. Not too shabby.


To close out the show, we played Un-bate-able, where our girls dressed up as some questionably attractive archetypes, and Brent had to tell us if they would still qualify for the spank bank. Further proof that our girls can make anything sexy.

Wednesday 12/2/15

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Welcome to another fabulously wonderful Playboy Morning Show! Read on for a tale of whimsy and frolicking…

Things got started at the beginning (just like everyday), wherein we turned over the first date in our Ass-vent Calendar. Today’s poem revealed a candied stripper pole for our girls to strut their stuff with. It also keeps their inner thighs nice and peppermint-y.

We then checked out the first installment in a grand Wedgie Wednesday series, “Wedgie Wars.” If you’re as amped for the new “Star Wars” movie as the rest of the world, then this week’s #wedgiewednesday is sure to brighten the middle of your week all the way through to the weekend. May the force-flex waistband be with you.

Next up, we talked via Skype with Michael Harpaz, all the way from Israel! Michael is the spokesman for a new app called SessMe, which allows users to protect their privacy by deleting unwanted texts and pictures from not just your phone, but any phone the media appears on. Also, it blocks screenshots. Translation: dick pic away! You can finally take it back (if you want).

In honor of this new dick-sending tech, we played Dick Pics, where our models and our hosts threw down in a off the top of their heads challenge to caption photos of things that resemble dicks. Off the top of their heads? Hey that’d be a good one.

After a quick break, we welcomed in comedian Paul Mecurio, who was promoting his new podcast “2 Chairs and a Microphone,” which was produced by Adam Carolla. Paul talked about his experience working in late night TV and the time he talked to Paul McCartney and even had him leave a voicemail on his phone! That’s one you need to keep forever.



To close out the show, we played Scales of Just-tits, as Paul went to law school before he was a professional funny person. Our girls acted out a mad lib-type scenario with props and costumes, all with a legal twist. Well, barely legal.