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Monday 11/30/15

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Tuesday 12/1/15

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It’s officially December! That means it’s now full-blown Christmas music season. Hold on to your Santa hats.

We started things off today by hearing some Naughty or Nice stories from our girls, where they recounted when they did some bad things while out Christmas shopping. Andrea got up and gave each of them a good spanking with a giant candy cane for good measure, just like St. Nick would have wanted.

We then checked out the standings for our Lick ’em, Stick ’em football picks, with Andrea falling once again on Monday Night Football. It’s been a rough season, but now’s the time to start rebuilding.

Our first guest of the hour was actress and author Illeana Douglas, whose new book “I Blame Dennis Hopper” is out now via Amazon. Illeana talked with us about some of the stories contained in her book, the time she met the real Dennis Hopper, and even graced us with her “sad eyes” look, along with Dan and Andrea. D’awww.

We took a quick break and then brought in our next guest, actor and comedian Brian Posehn. Brian came in to talk about his naughty Xmas movie “Uncle Nick,” where he ups the ante on Christmas time antics by doing things like trying to sleep with his step-niece. This ain’t Rudolph, folks.

To close out the show, we had our girls come in and show off their Sexy Ugly Christmas sweaters, which sounds like an oxymoron until you see how our girls make anything hot. It’ll melt the snow off your roof.