Wednesday 12/2/15

Welcome to another fabulously wonderful Playboy Morning Show! Read on for a tale of whimsy and frolicking…

Things got started at the beginning (just like everyday), wherein we turned over the first date in our Ass-vent Calendar. Today’s poem revealed a candied stripper pole for our girls to strut their stuff with. It also keeps their inner thighs nice and peppermint-y.

We then checked out the first installment in a grand Wedgie Wednesday series, “Wedgie Wars.” If you’re as amped for the new “Star Wars” movie as the rest of the world, then this week’s #wedgiewednesday is sure to brighten the middle of your week all the way through to the weekend. May the force-flex waistband be with you.

Next up, we talked via Skype with Michael Harpaz, all the way from Israel! Michael is the spokesman for a new app called SessMe, which allows users to protect their privacy by deleting unwanted texts and pictures from not just your phone, but any phone the media appears on. Also, it blocks screenshots. Translation: dick pic away! You can finally take it back (if you want).

In honor of this new dick-sending tech, we played Dick Pics, where our models and our hosts threw down in a off the top of their heads challenge to caption photos of things that resemble dicks. Off the top of their heads? Hey that’d be a good one.

After a quick break, we welcomed in comedian Paul Mecurio, who was promoting his new podcast “2 Chairs and a Microphone,” which was produced by Adam Carolla. Paul talked about his experience working in late night TV and the time he talked to Paul McCartney and even had him leave a voicemail on his phone! That’s one you need to keep forever.



To close out the show, we played Scales of Just-tits, as Paul went to law school before he was a professional funny person. Our girls acted out a mad lib-type scenario with props and costumes, all with a legal twist. Well, barely legal.

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