Monday 12/7/15

Happy Moanday, ya’ll. If you’ve got the start-of-the-week blues, just moan it out.


Our show began today with another flip of our Ass-vent Calendar. Today, Ali Rose showed off her Mistle-Camel-toe belt, and gave every one of you the next idea to spice up your bedroom antics holiday style. That, or an unsubtle way to ask for some oral. Depends how you slice it.

We then welcomed in Patrick Renna and Tommy Savas, stars of the new film “Bad Roomies,” which features the two of them navigating their friendship while also dealing with their new, hot girl roommate. It’s never a good idea to sleep with your roommates… unless everyone is invited into the fun.

In their honor, we played Rate the Trait, where our models cleaned up their messy room as they put bad roommate characteristics in order of least annoying to full-on evicted. Don’t be THAT guy.

After a quick break, we brought in Nyle DiMarco and Lacey Rogers, from “America’s Next Top Model.” Nyle won the competition, and Lacey finished in the top four of what is, for now, the final season of the show. Pretty high honors. We’ll miss you, Tyra.

To close out the show, we played America’s Next Top-less Models, where our models strutted their stuff, made a comeback to the haters, and posed with a strange prop. Modeling is all about making it look easy, and making easy look good.

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