Tuesday 12/8/15

It’s a Topless Tuesday here in the Mini Mansion, and that’s the bare truth.

The Playboy Morning Show was festive from the start today, with another notch knocked off in our Ass-Vent Calendar, courtesy of Carly Lucy. We’re not really sure what she read about, but we know that it involved a lot of bending over. We should put everything closer to the floor.

We then checked out a sneak preview of our Playmate Review show, which airs this Thursday night, as hosted by PMOY 2015, Miss Dani Mathers. She’ll be on the show tomorrow, so tune in then too.

Speaking of Playmates, we happened to have one on hand! Eugena Washington is our Miss December 2015, although you may already recognize her from “America’s Next Top Model.” She’s no stranger to the runway or the camera, and it shows in her awesome pictorial. But don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself.

As is tradition, we rolled on to play Playmate Pick Six, where Eugena takes numbers off of a naked girl and answers questions about herself. She got them all right, making history as the first Playmate to do so! Just don’t tell the other Playmates that.


We took a short recess, before returning with comedian and long-time friend of the show Brad Williams. Brad is coming off the success of his latest comedy special and now has a girlfriend with whom he’s had many a three-way, so we’re just glad he’s not too good for us anymore!


To close out the show, we played our Playboy Fantasy Picks, with Brad picking two ladies, and Dan and Andrea picking two in a battle of football sexiness. After the tackling, the dancing, and the pantie field goal… it was still too close to call. The good thing about football is that it can end in a tie.

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