Monday 12/14/15

Welcome back from the weekend! We here at the Playboy Morning Show have just the cure for your Monday hangover: boobs!

Christmas is right around the corner, and we continued opening up new doors for our Ass-vent calendar, today talking about holiday travel and the allure of the mile-high club. It’s really all about how easy-access your clothes are.

We checked back on how we did this weekend with our football picks, and were pleasantly surprised! We also picked Monday night’s game which features the Giants and the Dolphins going head to… fin?

Our first guest for the hour was Monet Bell, star of FYI channel’s new show “#BlackLove.” Monet is still looking for Mr. Right after appearing on “Married at First Sight” and divorcing soon afterwards. We enlisted her help in tracking down the right kind of guy for our Ladies’ Man segment, where our girls picked traits at random and said if any of them were deal-breakers. The lesson here is always see how good the sex is, because it might make the other problems seem not so problematic.

After our two-minute intermission, we welcomed in Erica Rose, star of VH1’s forthcoming show “Love at First Kiss.” Erica is the show’s kissing expert and shared some of her special skills with us. She can also telepathically tell how big a guy’s penis is, which is a super power in and of itself.


To wrap things up, we had our models come into the Mini Mansion one last time and play Kiss and Tell, where they showed off where their lesser-known erogenous zones lie with a few expertly-placed lip marks. To put them to the test, we had them plant some wet ones on each other and see how visibly worked up they got. We had to bring in the hose after we went off the air.

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