Thursday 12/10/15

It’s the tail-end of the week, and we’ve got some fine tail as always to remind you that the weekend approacheth!

Our fun little show got going this morning with some peeling off of our next Ass-vent Calendar. Today our models helped each other trim their trees, which here means cutting through their bras. But you already knew that.

We then chatted on the phone with Mr. Skin, as we do most Thursdays, and he brought some fantastic famous nudity from around TV and the big screen. Which do you prefer: small-screen nakedness, or the film variety? Do some research at and let us know.

Since football is this weekend, we played some Lick ’em, Pick ’em, and Stick ’em, with the help of our sexy odds-maker KellyInVegas. There’s some fine tilts going down this weekend, so don’t forget to glue yourself to the TV and make sure your money is walkin’ back to your pocket and not far, far away.

After a quick break, we brought in sexual empowerment coach Amy Jo Goddard, whose new book “Woman on Fire” is out now. Amy talked with us about how we can ALL get what we actually want in bed, which we believe is something everybody can get behind.

To close out the show, we played some Bediquette, where our models got into bed and asked some questions of Amy. Where appropriate, they got a little physical. You know, to make a clearer point.

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