Tuesday 12/15/15

It’s Nudes-day here in the Mini Mansion, so take a skinny dip in our cool waters.

In our latest Ass-vent calendar door, we found a poem that gave Dan a gift! Lucky guy. As he opened his present, he revealed that he had gotten what every guy truly wants: the gratuitous nudity button! He didn’t waste much time in pressing it, and our models came in and bounced around the studio. The button wields such power.

We checked in on how our Monday night football picking went, and it seems Andrea has been hoodwinked again. It’s been tough pickin’s this season.

Our first guest on the show today is former Olympian and multi-national title winner Suzy Favor Hamilton, whose new book “Fast Girl” is out now. Suzy talked with us about her running career, her personal mental battles, and even showed Dan a few barre exercises to keep in shape. Although Dan doesn’t really have a career as a professional runner to help boost those gains.


While Suzy was in studio, we played our own version of Fast Girls, where our models tried to keep a balloon in the air while also juggling the many aspects of Suzy’s fast life. It’s hard to keep your balance, especially in high heels.

We took a short break, and came back to welcome in Sammy Carlson and Todd Jones, representing the “Sammy C Project,” which is a film that features Sammy free-skiing out in the openness of nature, rather than the confined slopes you normally ski on. Todd produced the film as part of Teton Gravity Research, which produces films for skiing, surfing, and every other extreme sport that gets you tons of action. Their findings on gravity are that it still works, but you can use it to be awesome.

As we ended the show, our models came in to pitch some fresh ideas to these guys on how to help keep warm and safe while also skiing naked on some fresh powder. Part of keeping safe is, of course, making sure you always look photo-ready.


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