Wednesday 12/16/15

It’s very nearly Christmas, so if you haven’t finished all of your naughtiness for the year, allow us to be of service.

Speaking of Christmas, our Ass-vent Calendar was in for a good un-wrapping, and so was our lovely model Lauryn Elaine. You’re right, Lauryn, it IS what’s inside that counts.

We let those who have been unduly naughty, nasty, or downright wimpy air their grievances, and then shot them down in just fashion. That’s right, sometimes holidays are the perfect time for some Tough Love.

We then welcomed in famous host Pat O’Brien, who was joining us to talk about his new book “I’ll Be Right Back After This.” In this memoir, he talks about all the ups and downs of his career, and his new-found sobriety. It makes for a great Christmas gift (hint hint).

Using Pat’s expertise, we had our girls try to recreate his old hosting gigs by reading some cue cards all while getting their ears talked into. It’s harder than it looks, and that’s the point. Even Pat got in on the action, maybe because it’s nice to be on the other side of it for once.

After a break, we brought in Danish EDM producer and man-bun owner Morten Breum, whose new track “Stick Up” featuring actress and singer Juliette Lewis is out now. He’s also made a splash with his re-mix of Adele’s “Hello,” which came out very recently as well. We’d say this is one great Dane. Sorry, we had to.

To finish things off for us, we played a game called Glow Jobs, in honor of all the shenanigans that you see out on the dance floor of a rave or club. We even dimmed the lights, just so you could get that late-night-should-I-have-another-drink feeling.

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