Thursday 12/18/15

Ho ho howdy everybody! You’ve all been very good this year, as Santa has brought you a fresh episode of the Playboy Morning Show!

Our X-mas X-travaganza kicked off in snowy style with our final Ass-vent Calendar getting turned over. It revealed a poem that suggested Santa wants an open marriage. After seeing the other candidate Mrs. Claus’s, we can see why.

Next up, we talked to Mr. Skin on the phone, who talked about his top boobs of the year in film and TV, giving this year’s title to the ample-bosomed Joey Fisher. Don’t let the name fool you, she’s all woman.

It was then time to pick this weekend’s football contests in our Lick ’em, Stick ’em, and Pick ’em segment, with a little help from our Vegas insider, KellyinVegas. With Kelly’s help, all bets are off. Well, actually they’re on.

To help bring Dan and Andrea some good ju-ju, vibes, and all-around luck, our girls came in with a generic, yet heartfelt, good luck cheer. Goooo Sports!

We came back from our break with some Holiday-themed Stupid Human News, where we heard stories like the man who drove drunk and hid in a nativity scene (real) and a fight where 12 Santas got arrested at a strip club (fake). It’s only a matter of time until all stories have happened at least once.

In our final segment, we closed out our X-mas X-travaganza with a hot model unwrapping and some naughty candy cane spankings. It doesn’t matter how bad our girls have been, there’s no way they’re getting coal.

Well folks, it’s been a great year, and we thank you for watching the show with us. We’ll be back live after the New Year, so see ya in 2016!!


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