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Wednesday 1/27/16

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Hey all you Playboys and Playgirls out there in internet land! Come check out a blog post for the Playboy Morning Show, baked fresh daily.

We started the show off with some light reading from our Fe-Mail box, where we skimmed through some letters from you guys about your thoughts, hopes, feelings, dreams, etc. We even liked a suggestion so much that we decided to drop everything and get to it right away.

That game is called Show Us What That Foot Do, and our models slipped out of their heels and onto some bohemian-style pillows to show us their talented feet. It’s hard enough for us guys to get a bra off or open a condom wrapper with our dumb hands, so these ladies really made us look bad, and looked good doin’ it.

We then checked out a silent movie-era Wedgie Wednesday video, proving that the love of wedgies predates sound in film. That concludes your fake history lesson of the day.

After hearing that there’s new evidence that Neanderthals’ traits exist in our lives today (no, we’re not talking about the people who keep posting dumb shit on Facebook), we decided to play some Neander-thongs. Our girls came in and grunted through their cave painting endeavors as Dan and Andrea tried to guess what they were drawing. Dan plays a pretty good caveman, don’t you think?

After our daily break, we brought in our guests for the show Christa Campbell and Lati Grobman, producing partners behind the Oscar-nominated documentary “Winter on Fire.” That movie’s on Netflix and you should definitely check it out. They talked about Christa’s history in the pages of Playboy (September 2007, in case you were wondering), and about how the two of them met at the Mansion. Playboy: bringing people together for over 60 years.


To close out the show, our girls showed off their tactics to get their man to pay attention to them, rather than the TV, during a Netflix binge session. We gotta say, the only way your TV could be hotter… is if you tuned in to our show tomorrow.

Tuesday 1/26/16

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Happy Tuesday to you all, and to all a good Morning Show.

Things got crazy right away, as we dove into our Politic or Lunatic game, where we heard a kookie quote and had to guess whether it was said by a raging psychopath or someone not in public office. Impossible to tell, sometimes.

After that, we brought in our first guest, Doritos Crash the Super Bowl finalist David Rudy. David is a long-time talent manager, but is making his first foray into directing with this spot that has a shot to net him $1 million. Not a bad first gig.


Our girls want in on some of that sweet Doritos money next year, so they came in and pitched David some of their Mad-Lib ideas, Mad Men-style. Often, throwing darts at a board and literally seeing what sticks is the best strategy.

We took a short break and then welcomed in our next guest, hip-hop legend Master P. P came in to talk about his new show, coming soon on Playboy Radio, called “Doin Tha Most.” We talked to him about the direction of his new show, and about his illustrious career as both a hip-hop artist, pro basketball player, movie producer, entrepreneur, and everything else. I just got winded writing that sentence.

To close out the show, we played some Know It or Show It, where our girls fielded Master P-related questions and did their best to hang on to their outfits. They look good on our girls, but even better on the floor.

Monday 1/25/16

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It sure feels like a Monday, doesn’t it? Shake off that feeling (and maybe some clothes) with the Playboy Morning Show.

We started out today with a celebration of Opposite Day with our game Opposites Attract! Our girls wore some hot pasties with magnets in them and did their best to pick up jewels, rings, and hearts. This game has a great view to it, and made today the worst opposite day ever.

After that, we re-capped our Lick ’em, Stick ’em Picks, with Andrea’s first 100% correct picking of the season. And just in time too.

Next up, we brought in Erika Jordan, long-time model on the show, to talk with her about her new movie “Bikini Shark,” about a shark that eats bikinis (duh). It looks hilarious and sexy, which is right up our alley, frankly. We brought in the rest of our models to test their reflexes against our own flying sharks, which were not nearly as scary as wethought.


We took a quick break and then brought in our next guest, musician and “Ridiculousness” star Chanel West Coast. Chanel talked about getting her start as Rob Dyrdek’s rapping receptionist, and her new mixtape “Waves.” Oh, and don’t forget that YouTube video that’s just a compilation of her laugh (which has hundreds of thousands of views).


To close out the show, we played a game called Chanel or Go To Hell, where we heard ridiculous stories of hypothetical guys, and asked Chanel and our models if they would give the guy another shot or send him packing. The lesson here is that no matter how well a first date go, give it a while before making it “Facebook official.”


Thursday 1/21/16

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The Playboy Morning Show is here to remind you to celebrate National Hug Day by hugging someone you love. Just make sure they know who you are first.

We started our show with some sci-fi-tastic character pitches from our models, for the reboot of “The X Files.” Our Rated X Files are overflowing with great ideas, and you saw four of the best. In space, no one can hear you scream, so you know you won’t make the neighbors!

We then chatted on the phone with Mr. Skin who brought out some nudity from the film “Straight Outta Compton,” and the TV show “Shameless.” Mr. Skin also made some shameless puns, but that’s why we like the guy.

Football is this weekend! The two championship games are shaping up to be classics, and we got our picks in early. Andrea’s going with both number 1 seeds this weekend, and KellyInVegas, our Vegas insider and oddsmaker, is inclined to agree. But it’s the NFL, so anything can happen.

After a quick recess, we brought our ladies to the couch to talk about some of the lesser known (and oftentimes, better) places to meet women. Bars are overrated, and slipping into someone’s DM’s is near impossible, but maybe a crazy night of karaoke or a trip to the library will have you meeting the woman of your dreams. Hey, they both show you know how to read.

To close out the show, we brought our models out one last time to celebrate National Hug Day! They demonstrated some of the best ways to wrap your arms (or arm) around someone, no matter how you actually feel about them. Although, if you fall into bed with someone, that’s a pretty strong sign.

Wednesday 1/20/16

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Greetings from the Playboy Morning Show! Strap yourselves in (or on), we’ve got a good one for ya.

We opened the show with a little Gratuitous Nudity fire drill! We like to stay safe, and it’s always important to remember to stop, drop your clothes, and then run around like a maniac. (Note: this is not what you should do during a real fire, probably)

We then red some letters from our various forms of communication (mail, e-mail, carrier pigeon, etc.), and had Dan give them some Tough Love. Sometimes the love you need is the toughest of them all.


Next up, we checked out the latest #WedgieWednesday video, with today’s subject getting abducted by some aliens, “X-Files” style. Dan and Andrea actually make a pretty good Mulder and Scully. Can you say spin-off?

Our next game is called Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking, and it featured Andrea trying to match up her answer with the models’. If her fill-in-the-blank filled in the model’s blank, then they had to lose clothing. Nothing better than a naked blank.

After a quick break, we brought in our guest for the show, Renee Graziano, of VH1’s “Mob Wives” fame. This mob wife dished about the final season of the show, and why it may be the last season on VH1, but may not be the last one ever. Intriguing to say the least, but that’s all we could get out of her… mob wives don’t rat.

To finish things off, we played a game called Made Models, where our girls had to move up the ranks of a crime syndicate by saying what they would do in certain sketchy scenarios, mostly involving confrontations. In the end, there’s only one boss… and that’s Renee. Everybody else sleeps with the fishes… lucky fishes.

Tuesday 1/19/16

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May the thought of the Playboy Morning Show warm your feet on your cold hardwood or tile floors today. (That’s an old Irish blessing. Well, not THAT old.)

Our show got started today by crunching some numbers, Playboy style. Our super sexy models came in and helped us match up some statistics with the crazy facts that they represent. When you break things down mathematically, you can be sure it won’t be boring with a little topless-ness.

We then chatted via Skype with our very own Pacific-Northwest Playmate Amberleigh West! She talked with us about what it’s like to be one of the last nude Playmates ever, and about how her Instagram helped her get her big modeling break. Don’t ever say social media didn’t do anything for you.

After that, we played some Strip Poker, but probably not the kind you’re thinking of. In this pin-the-tail style game, our models got blindfolded and tried to poke a poster in order to get the other models to strip. It’s raining puns in here!

We made our way through a quick two-minute break and then welcomed in Arthur Redcloud, actor in the Award-season favorite “The Revenant.” Arthur talked about his job driving a gasoline truck (which he still does!), and the audition process that led him to having his first movie role opposite Leonardo DiCaprio. Talk about a big break.

Speaking of big breaks, we close the show today by allowing our models to attempt to have a break of their own, first taking their headshots, doing a cold read, and then showing off their special talent. They’ll be hearing from our agent shortly.

Monday 1/18/16

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Hello from the other siiiide… of the weekend! The Playboy Morning Show is back in action!

We began the show with a look at how we did picking the football games from this weekend, and the Divisional Round did not disappoint (although our picks left a little something to be desired). Our crystal ball needs to be taken in to the shop.


Now we don’t pretend there aren’t other channels out there, we know you have a choice when it comes to your daily programming… we’re just saying ours is clearly the best choice. We even brought forth four examples thanks to our versatile models, and showed exactly why we rule the airwaves: (boobs).


We then welcomed in our first guest of the show, reality star Brittish Williams. The ex-Basketball Wife talked about her upcoming projects, and the lengths men go to hide their infidelity. It’s funny because it’s still never far enough. Stay faithful, ya’ll!


With the help of Brittish, we played some Mixed Marital Arts, where our models chose between staying with a hypothetical guy or dumping his ass. How do they choose you ask? Why, by chopping a board in half, karate style. It nicely punctuates the decision, don’t you think?

After a two-minute hiatus, we came back with our next guests Jacob Gentry, Chad McKnight, and Brianne Davis from the new time travel sci-fi film “Synchronicity.” We always like having both the director and actors on our couch, because we feel like we get the whole picture, and today was no exception. Check it out January 22nd!

To close out the show, we pitted this film family against our model one, in a friendly game of Playboy Feud. All the categories have to do with time travel, and our survey-takers this week gave a few surprising answers… always nice to keep our contestants on their toes. Or knees.