Monday 1/4/16

Happy New Year from us here at the Playboy Morning Show! The best resolution to make to ensure your happiness throughout this year is to keep tuning in right here, each and every morning.


Speaking of resolutions, our models came in to give us their goals for 2016, most of which they were able to accomplish right here in our studio! That’s the secret: aim low.

In order to predict what we have in store for you in the coming year, our models played a prediction-based game called Brastradamus. We spun the wheel and let our imaginations run wild as we tried to piece together the three clues. Pay attention, you might see one of these games sooner than you think…

We then discussed a new study that suggests that women think about food about as often as men think about sex. As an experiment, we played Chew It or Screw It, where we looked at some zoomed-in pictures of either edibles or fuckables and tried to guess what we were looking at. Food and sex go hand-in-hand, it seems.


After a quick break, we welcomed in Conrad Sewell, Australian singer/songwriter, whose new song “Start Again” is out now. Conrad talked with us about his upbringing, why Sweden is a great place to meet women, and his rap battle with P. Diddy. He’s been busy.

To close out the show, we played a game with our girls called Start Again?, where we heard some sex-stopping situations and then said whether or not it would be worth it to start the sexual escapade over again. Hiccups are a natural part of the act, just try to get back to it ASAP.

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