Wednesday 1/6/15

Thank your lucky stars! It’s another episode of the Playboy Morning Show.

We began our show today by talking about the lunatics in politics… and how it’s oftentimes hard to tell them apart from actual lunatics. So, we did what we do best: we turned it into a game with hot chicks! In Politic or Lunatic, we heard quotes and tried to guess whether they were said by a crazy person or someone in office. You can see our conundrum.


Then, we brought in MAKO, an electronic music duo comprised of Logan Light and Alex Seaver. They talked with us about their new single “Smoke Filled Room,” their unlikely paternal connection, and how one trip to EDC in Vegas made Alex switch from classical music to EDM. Talk about a demographic shift.

In honor of MAKO, we had our models play around with the oldest electronic instrument: the theramin! It’s ghostly vibes were made sexy as our girls used its pole to create some funky new sounds. It’s not just for old sci-fi movies anymore.

After a quick break, we welcomed in comedian Joey Coco Diaz, whose podcast “The Church of What’s Happening Now” is available on iTunes. Joey talked about his upcoming “Savage Dad” tour, doing a stint in a Colorado state prison, and how he keeps his stories coming after so many years in the business.


To close out the show, we had our models Make It Nasty, where they applied some verbs, nouns, and adjectives to sentences we drew up, in order to make them a little dirtier. Joey also helped us understand the obstacles to doing certain things from behind, which we appreciate.


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