Thursday 1/7/16

The Playboy Morning Show: keeping you on your nice, comfy couch. You’re welcome.

Everybody has heard of the “Netflix and chill” phenomenon by this point, but what people haven’t really been discussing is the very real problem of getting so into a show that you don’t want to stop it, even for sex. Damn you TV! Quit being so entertaining! Luckily for you, our sexy models are here to show you some ways to work yourself out of that show-hole and into other holes.

After that, we chatted with Mr. Skin, who talked with us about new “Baywatch” babe Alexandra Daddario, and slowed down some “Shameless” to show us some clutch Emmy Rossum nudity. Leave the nudity searching to the professionals, you guys.

Next up, we looked ahead to the first weekend of playoff football with some Lick ’em, Stick ’em, and Pick ’em. After we laid down our bets, we talked with someone much more qualified to give advice: KellyInVegas! Kelly sees some smart underdog bets and some not-so-smart stretches, so be sure to check out her website to make sure you don’t make a bone-headed play.

After a short break, we brought in Zach McGowan, star of STARZ’s “Black Sails,” and the CW’s “The 100,” both of which have new seasons premiering this month. He’s a busy guy, and frankly we don’t appreciate how he’s making the rest of us look bad. But that may just be jealousy talking. Zach also brought a very special guest with him today: his dad! I guess Father’s Day came early this year.

To close out the show, our models showed us how they would make it in the post-apocalypse or on a pirate ship, with a little Survival of the Fittest. They showed their integrity, their marksmanship, and finally some good ol’-fashioned cat fighting. The future looks bright.

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