Monday 1/11/16

It’s the 2nd full week of 2016 and we’re only scratching the surface of what this year has in store for you, our loyal audience. (Hint: it has a lot to do with boobs).

We started things off by talking about the only real season we get here in LA: awards season! If you like celebrities patting themselves on the back, this must be like your Christmas. We thought we’d offer up a few sex-related awards so you can nominate someone close to you for some sweet recognition. Things like the Sloppies, the Kinkies, and the Cockies are all up for grabs this year, and they each get their own appropriately phallic golden statue.

Our first guest for the hour is fitness expert Jason Rosell, whose workout series “Everybody Work It Out” is available via his website. Jason makes the music featured in the workouts, and if you want to get your reps up (in the gym OR the bedroom), this would be a good place to start.


Jason helped work out our models with the help of some decidedly BDSM-esque bands and our wheel of muscle groups. Don’t forget: sex can be exercise, too, so get your fit on while you get your freak on.

We took a quick break, and then brought in comedian Sammy Obeid. Sammy was on our show a few years ago while he was at the tail-end of a record-smashing 1,001 nights of stand-up comedy in a row. No wonder his memory of coming in to The Playboy Morning Show is a little fuzzy.


To close out the show, we broke some records of our own, like the most Jenga pieces stacked on a girl’s ass, and the most nude models reading Shakespeare in a bed. Tune in tomorrow to see if they successfully pulled off the 24-hour pillow fight!

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