Tuesday 1/12/16

If you’re looking for answers, maybe try somewhere else. If you’re looking for titties, welcome home!

Today’s Playboy Morning Show got goin’ with a little bit of love from a Ladies’ Man. This hypothetical man was built mad-lib style, as our models picked up traits from the floor to slap onto his mind, his heart, and his sexual prowess. It’s proof positive that one good thing can make some bad things seem small, and one big turn-off can mask even the most positive of traits. It’s all about that dice roll, ya’ll.

After that, we heard from some people who are starting 2016 off on the wrong foot big time. In Stupid Human News, Andrea and Dan tried to separate factual news stories from fake ones we made up, which proves difficult because truth is always stranger than fiction.

In our Robot Sex Update, we heard about some sex dolls that can cost more than a new car! Better get a warranty for that, too, while you’re at it. But there are some things that not even the smartest robot can do (yet…), and our models came in to show off why human girls have more fun.

After a quick break, we brought in Katherine Bailess and McKinley Freeman, stars of the VH1 show “Hit the Floor,” which starts Season 3 on January 18th. They talked about the fun they have on set, dancing at strip clubs, and showed off their abs and split ability. We’re mirin’.


To close out the show, we brought in our own Playboy Pep Squad in honor of the Devil Girls of “Hit the Floor,” and they brought our spirits up with some choreographed cheers. This squad is under a strict “no panties” code.

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