Thursday 1/14/16

It’s Andrea’s birthday celebration here in the Mini Mansion, and we’re wishing her a happy 29th (again)!

We started the show off by titty-picking the football weekend’s Divisional Playoffs and we’ve got some doozies of games to choose from. We’re really givin’ ’em the business.


After that, Mr. Skin graced us with his always awesome update on celebrity nudity, this week including timeless hottie Bo Derek on Blu-Ray in two different movies. Officially time to throw out that VHS.

We then welcomed in the rock band DREAMERS, fresh off their performance last night at the Roxy Theater right here in LA. We appreciate the fact that they were up and dressed after what must have been a killer sold-out show. They talked with us about their short history (they formed in 2014), and what they’ve got planned for the future. With only one single member, you sort of have to plan ahead.

While the group was with us, we had our models go through some Rocker Chick Boot Camp exercises, which included finding your clothes after a late-night hookup, posing for an album cover, and showing off their signature move. We call it platform-boot camp.

After a quick break, we went full-blown Andrea celebration mode. Our models came in and sang Happy Birthday, gave Andrea a “Spanking Machine,” played some Andrea trivia, and decorated their titties like cupcakes. All of this was kicked off with Andrea’s favorite: the naked limbo contest. You’re our favorite, Andrea! Happy Birthday.

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