Monday 1/18/16

Hello from the other siiiide… of the weekend! The Playboy Morning Show is back in action!

We began the show with a look at how we did picking the football games from this weekend, and the Divisional Round did not disappoint (although our picks left a little something to be desired). Our crystal ball needs to be taken in to the shop.


Now we don’t pretend there aren’t other channels out there, we know you have a choice when it comes to your daily programming… we’re just saying ours is clearly the best choice. We even brought forth four examples thanks to our versatile models, and showed exactly why we rule the airwaves: (boobs).


We then welcomed in our first guest of the show, reality star Brittish Williams. The ex-Basketball Wife talked about her upcoming projects, and the lengths men go to hide their infidelity. It’s funny because it’s still never far enough. Stay faithful, ya’ll!


With the help of Brittish, we played some Mixed Marital Arts, where our models chose between staying with a hypothetical guy or dumping his ass. How do they choose you ask? Why, by chopping a board in half, karate style. It nicely punctuates the decision, don’t you think?

After a two-minute hiatus, we came back with our next guests Jacob Gentry, Chad McKnight, and Brianne Davis from the new time travel sci-fi film “Synchronicity.” We always like having both the director and actors on our couch, because we feel like we get the whole picture, and today was no exception. Check it out January 22nd!

To close out the show, we pitted this film family against our model one, in a friendly game of Playboy Feud. All the categories have to do with time travel, and our survey-takers this week gave a few surprising answers… always nice to keep our contestants on their toes. Or knees.

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