Tuesday 1/19/16

May the thought of the Playboy Morning Show warm your feet on your cold hardwood or tile floors today. (That’s an old Irish blessing. Well, not THAT old.)

Our show got started today by crunching some numbers, Playboy style. Our super sexy models came in and helped us match up some statistics with the crazy facts that they represent. When you break things down mathematically, you can be sure it won’t be boring with a little topless-ness.

We then chatted via Skype with our very own Pacific-Northwest Playmate Amberleigh West! She talked with us about what it’s like to be one of the last nude Playmates ever, and about how her Instagram helped her get her big modeling break. Don’t ever say social media didn’t do anything for you.

After that, we played some Strip Poker, but probably not the kind you’re thinking of. In this pin-the-tail style game, our models got blindfolded and tried to poke a poster in order to get the other models to strip. It’s raining puns in here!

We made our way through a quick two-minute break and then welcomed in Arthur Redcloud, actor in the Award-season favorite “The Revenant.” Arthur talked about his job driving a gasoline truck (which he still does!), and the audition process that led him to having his first movie role opposite Leonardo DiCaprio. Talk about a big break.

Speaking of big breaks, we close the show today by allowing our models to attempt to have a break of their own, first taking their headshots, doing a cold read, and then showing off their special talent. They’ll be hearing from our agent shortly.

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