Wednesday 1/20/16

Greetings from the Playboy Morning Show! Strap yourselves in (or on), we’ve got a good one for ya.

We opened the show with a little Gratuitous Nudity fire drill! We like to stay safe, and it’s always important to remember to stop, drop your clothes, and then run around like a maniac. (Note: this is not what you should do during a real fire, probably)

We then red some letters from our various forms of communication (mail, e-mail, carrier pigeon, etc.), and had Dan give them some Tough Love. Sometimes the love you need is the toughest of them all.


Next up, we checked out the latest #WedgieWednesday video, with today’s subject getting abducted by some aliens, “X-Files” style. Dan and Andrea actually make a pretty good Mulder and Scully. Can you say spin-off?

Our next game is called Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking, and it featured Andrea trying to match up her answer with the models’. If her fill-in-the-blank filled in the model’s blank, then they had to lose clothing. Nothing better than a naked blank.

After a quick break, we brought in our guest for the show, Renee Graziano, of VH1’s “Mob Wives” fame. This mob wife dished about the final season of the show, and why it may be the last season on VH1, but may not be the last one ever. Intriguing to say the least, but that’s all we could get out of her… mob wives don’t rat.

To finish things off, we played a game called Made Models, where our girls had to move up the ranks of a crime syndicate by saying what they would do in certain sketchy scenarios, mostly involving confrontations. In the end, there’s only one boss… and that’s Renee. Everybody else sleeps with the fishes… lucky fishes.

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