Thursday 1/21/16

The Playboy Morning Show is here to remind you to celebrate National Hug Day by hugging someone you love. Just make sure they know who you are first.

We started our show with some sci-fi-tastic character pitches from our models, for the reboot of “The X Files.” Our Rated X Files are overflowing with great ideas, and you saw four of the best. In space, no one can hear you scream, so you know you won’t make the neighbors!

We then chatted on the phone with Mr. Skin who brought out some nudity from the film “Straight Outta Compton,” and the TV show “Shameless.” Mr. Skin also made some shameless puns, but that’s why we like the guy.

Football is this weekend! The two championship games are shaping up to be classics, and we got our picks in early. Andrea’s going with both number 1 seeds this weekend, and KellyInVegas, our Vegas insider and oddsmaker, is inclined to agree. But it’s the NFL, so anything can happen.

After a quick recess, we brought our ladies to the couch to talk about some of the lesser known (and oftentimes, better) places to meet women. Bars are overrated, and slipping into someone’s DM’s is near impossible, but maybe a crazy night of karaoke or a trip to the library will have you meeting the woman of your dreams. Hey, they both show you know how to read.

To close out the show, we brought our models out one last time to celebrate National Hug Day! They demonstrated some of the best ways to wrap your arms (or arm) around someone, no matter how you actually feel about them. Although, if you fall into bed with someone, that’s a pretty strong sign.

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