Tuesday 1/26/16

Happy Tuesday to you all, and to all a good Morning Show.

Things got crazy right away, as we dove into our Politic or Lunatic game, where we heard a kookie quote and had to guess whether it was said by a raging psychopath or someone not in public office. Impossible to tell, sometimes.

After that, we brought in our first guest, Doritos Crash the Super Bowl finalist David Rudy. David is a long-time talent manager, but is making his first foray into directing with this spot that has a shot to net him $1 million. Not a bad first gig.


Our girls want in on some of that sweet Doritos money next year, so they came in and pitched David some of their Mad-Lib ideas, Mad Men-style. Often, throwing darts at a board and literally seeing what sticks is the best strategy.

We took a short break and then welcomed in our next guest, hip-hop legend Master P. P came in to talk about his new show, coming soon on Playboy Radio, called “Doin Tha Most.” We talked to him about the direction of his new show, and about his illustrious career as both a hip-hop artist, pro basketball player, movie producer, entrepreneur, and everything else. I just got winded writing that sentence.

To close out the show, we played some Know It or Show It, where our girls fielded Master P-related questions and did their best to hang on to their outfits. They look good on our girls, but even better on the floor.

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