Wednesday 1/27/16

Hey all you Playboys and Playgirls out there in internet land! Come check out a blog post for the Playboy Morning Show, baked fresh daily.

We started the show off with some light reading from our Fe-Mail box, where we skimmed through some letters from you guys about your thoughts, hopes, feelings, dreams, etc. We even liked a suggestion so much that we decided to drop everything and get to it right away.

That game is called Show Us What That Foot Do, and our models slipped out of their heels and onto some bohemian-style pillows to show us their talented feet. It’s hard enough for us guys to get a bra off or open a condom wrapper with our dumb hands, so these ladies really made us look bad, and looked good doin’ it.

We then checked out a silent movie-era Wedgie Wednesday video, proving that the love of wedgies predates sound in film. That concludes your fake history lesson of the day.

After hearing that there’s new evidence that Neanderthals’ traits exist in our lives today (no, we’re not talking about the people who keep posting dumb shit on Facebook), we decided to play some Neander-thongs. Our girls came in and grunted through their cave painting endeavors as Dan and Andrea tried to guess what they were drawing. Dan plays a pretty good caveman, don’t you think?

After our daily break, we brought in our guests for the show Christa Campbell and Lati Grobman, producing partners behind the Oscar-nominated documentary “Winter on Fire.” That movie’s on Netflix and you should definitely check it out. They talked about Christa’s history in the pages of Playboy (September 2007, in case you were wondering), and about how the two of them met at the Mansion. Playboy: bringing people together for over 60 years.


To close out the show, our girls showed off their tactics to get their man to pay attention to them, rather than the TV, during a Netflix binge session. We gotta say, the only way your TV could be hotter… is if you tuned in to our show tomorrow.

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