Tuesday 2/2/16

Tag! You’re It! And IT is the Playboy Morning Show.

Things got started today with a celebration of Groundhog’s Day, where our own groundhog, Richard, was coaxed out of his hole by our sexy models. They tried dancing, moaning, dirty talk, and leering gazes all in order to get Richard to pop up. We don’t think he saw his shadow… he was too distracted by the hot babes.

We then welcomed in our first guest, Miss February 2016, AND the last nude Playmate ever, Kristy Garett. Kristy comes to us by the way of Georgia (the country near Russia, not the state near Florida), and she showed off some of her linguistic skills. We, of course, asked her to teach us some swear words.

In our last ever nude Playmate Pick Six, Rachel came in to help Kristy pick some numbers from our question sheet. Kristy got all six correct, and a great tradition was fulfilled as she is the first ever last Playmate to do so.

We took a quick break and then welcomed in our next guest, Soraya Doolbaz, a photographer who’s made a name for herself by taking what she calls “Dicktures,” or pictures of dicks done up in different costumes. She says it’s a way to make the inevitable dick pics that women receive more fun and playful, rather than the simple dick next to a beer bottle for scale. We’re inclined to agree.

To close out the show, our girls came back in and showed off their Tit-ture characters, whom they made from some art supplies and their boobs. Oh yeah, and love. Lots of love.

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