Wednesday 2/3/16

Money! Fame! Power! Maximize your potential with this hour-long course entitled “The Playboy Morning Show.”

Things skyrocketed early here in the Mini Mansion, as we celebrated the first woman to pilot the International Space Station on this date many years ago. Her legacy was immortalized in our game NASA or Ass-A, wherein our hosts, astronauts, and aliens all tried to guess whether a photo was of a celestial body or a terrestrial one.

Our firsts guests for the show were husband/wife duo Ron and Patti Marinari, authors of the new book “Bedchambers: A Marital Obsession with Erotic Love & Spiritual Oneness.” These power couple talked about how to keep marriages fresh after many years, and the techniques to continue trying to “out-service” each other. It’s like a New Jersey gas station: no self-service around here.

The models came in and asked our experts some hypothetical questions regarding specific relationship pitfalls, and even acted out what might be wrong. After hearing some advice, they then walked themselves through a possible solution, and we must say, dramatic recreations have never looked so good.

We took a quick two-minute hiatus before bringing in our next guest, Richard Patrick, lead singer of the band Filter, whose new song “Take Me To Heaven” is out now! Richard chatted with us about his time in Nine Inch Nails, and the time he had a freak-out on an airplane. But who hasn’t been there, am I right?

To close things out for us today, we had our models come in one last time to compete in an Unfiltered competition, where they each tried to one-up each others’ best orgasm stories. In the end, Cody scored points for her graphic recounting of her experience, and we danced our show to a close. We always save the last dance for you.

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