Thursday 2/4/16

It’s the annual Boobie Bowl here on the Playboy Morning Show! Come check out the battle between the Panties and the Bra-n-co’s.

We started things off by looking at football through the ages… before immediately scrapping that for something way more interesting: looking at our sexy football ladies through a hole we made in a wall. Both are equally educational.


It was then time for more learning in the form of our science experiment to see if a camera placed INSIDE a football would add to the drama of the game. We found that, when used with our hot model test subjects, it definitely did.

It wouldn’t be a Boobie Bowl without a bold prediction from Andrea’s titties. Will she take the Panthers, whose near-perfect season is on the line, or will she choose the Broncos, who are trying to send Peyton Manning off into the sunset with one last wild win. In the end… the titties chose…. The Broncos! You heard it here first!

In a special treat, we had our favorite gambling aficionado KellyInVegas turn into KellyInStudio, as she joined us here in the Mini Mansion. We gotta say, she looks even better in person. Kelly agrees with Andrea’s pick, and only time will tell if their predictions ring true.

We then were officially introduced to the teams, and they got started with the first half of the Boobie Bowl: Blow Balls! The girls took to their knees and did their best to blow back the balls into the other team’s end zone. No way anybody could take that the wrong way.

We took a quick halftime, and returned with singer/songwriter Manika, whose new song “I Might Go Lesbian” (feat. Tyga) is out now! Manika talked about what it was like to pick who she would actually go lesbian with in her music video, and what Tyga thought of the whole thing (he was a fan).


We then brought back Kelly and the gals to continue our Boobie Bowl games, this time with a cleavage catch contest that saw the models catch balls between their boobs. To close things out, we had a pantie field goal kick contest, and our girls shot their bottoms through the uprights to send us into the Big Game Weekend. Who won our game? Who knows! Who cares! It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about how you watch the game.

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