Monday 2/8/16

The day after the Big Game is always a tough one, especially if you’re still partying like we are. It’s the Playboy Morning Show!

We started things off by awarding Andrea for correctly picking the winner of yesterday’s game, with a little topless trophy, which will make the perfect addition to her ample mantle.

Next up, we showed you how you can work off all those football snacks from yesterday, all while on the job! Chair stretches, waiting-for-the-printer squats, and desk push-ups. Get paid to get fit!

Our firsts guests for the hour were Nate Jones and Erin Stephens, co-founders of the Lil’ Lightning mini batteries. These cool little puppies can charge your phone, your camera, and even jump-start your car, all while being smaller than an average paperback book. Pretty neat, especially if you’re lost in the wilderness and would like to be rescued.

In our game You Complete Me, the girls came in and played tried to complete the circuit on the floor, based on what our wheel landed on. It was a tangled-up mess, which shows how much we actually know about electricity.

After a quick break, we welcomed in Adam Cayton-Holland, Ben Roy, and Andrew Overdahl, stars of the new TRU TV show “Those Who Can’t.” The guys talked about getting their start doing improv, sketch, and stand-up together as the Grawlix comedy troupe, and how it feels to have their football team win the Big Game and come hang out in the Mini Mansion the day after. Answer: pretty sweet.

To close out the show, we had a little Show and Tell, where our girls came up with words to complete sentences and the guys had to try and match their answers. Too bad we didn’t have time for the oral exam.

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