Tuesday 2/9/16

It’s Fat Tuesday! Lent starts tomorrow, so cram in all the sin you can today!

We started off with a little Naughty Gras parade of our own, which featured our hot models strutting their stuff, Big Easy style. As is tradition, they flashed their boobs and were rewarded with beads. Why can’t all holidays be like this?

Our first guest for the hour was rapper Safaree, whose new album “It Is What It Is (Vol. 2)” is out now! Safaree talked about his love affair with motorcycles, and talked about his transition from producer to performer. We even brought in our model Cody, and the two of them talked bikes while those of us out of the loop tried to translate it.


In honor of Safaree’s single “Can’t Lie,” we played a game of the same name, where our sexy girls came in and told two truths and one lie. It was up to Safaree to suss out the lie, and if he did, the girls all had to lose clothing. Good thing these gals aren’t very good liars.

We took a short break and then came back to welcome in our next guest, actress Nadine Crocker, whose new film “Cabin Fever” comes out this Friday! Nadine dished about the nipple makeup she had to wear (5 hours in the makeup chair is no joke), and about how she and her co-star prepared for their sex scene: shot of whiskey and a high five… Nice!


To close out the show, we put our girls through the horror girl gauntlet in our Scream Queens game. Nadine started us off with a lively shrieked “Jeff!” and our models followed suit. I scream, you scream, we all scream for these queens.

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