Wednesday 2/10/16

Welcome to a super PACked Wednesday show here in the Mini Mansion. No political affiliation required!

Our show started off on an educational foot today, with the Howe Twins taking us through how to build a table. They always look well-put-together… the table did not.

Our first guests for the hour were Stevie J. and Joseline from the aptly named VH1 show “Stevie J. and Joseline Go Hollywood.” The couple talked about their transition moving from Atlanta to the west coast, and about how they keep things hot ‘n fresh in the bedroom.

While they were in studio with us, we demonstrated exactly how difficult it can be to balance all the different aspects of life while also being in a committed relationship. Our models did their best to pick things up off the floor while also keeping a ball in the air, which represented their relationship. It’s gettin’ metaphorical up in here!

We took a quick break and then welcomed in our friend Jon Taffer, who is celebrating the 100th episode of “Bar Rescue” on Spike on March 6th. Congrats to Jon on all his success. That’s a lot of bars to shut down, but somebody’s gotta do it.\


To close out the show, our models came in and made some drinks, gave them a name, and showed us a sexy way to down it. Don’t worry, none of these models will be driving after this.

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