Monday 2/15/16

Happy President’s Day! Go out to your favorite monument and throw currency at it.

We started off by having our models show off some patriotic badasses from history, with an extra supernatural twist. We saw Crunk-le Sam, Buttsy Floss, and others, and boy would our forefathers be proud to see their legacy represented in such a sexy way. We’re saluting right now!

We then spoke on the phone with actor Michael Madsen, from the new films “The Hateful Eight,” and “Death in the Desert.” We were super stoked to talk with Michael, who has appeared in over 150 films, along with being a celebrated poet and photographer. He’s also got one of the most recognizable voices in the world, and we can see why. Or, HEAR why.

In honor of Michael, we had our girls play a game of Bra-teur, where they took famous lines of his and re-imagined them with some random words. It’s Madsen-libs!


After a short hiatus, we came roaring back with comedian Al Jackson, who talked about his experiences coming up in the comedy world with our host Dan, and about the time his Instagram handle got someone in some trouble. Check it out and see if you can guess why.


To finish things up today, we played Can A Bunny Make a Funny?, where our girls told some jokes taught to them by Al Jackson himself. They did very well, proving that if Al ever wants to open up a hot model comedy club, he’s got what it takes.

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