Tuesday 2/16/16

President’s Day is over, so hopefully you’re happy with your mattress. Test it out while you watch the Playboy Morning Show.

Our show started out with some personality tests for our models… no, not for them, but rather for potential male suitors. In the Ladies Man, our girls drew three traits randomly from the floor and then stated whether or not they’d give this hypothetical guys a shot. Sometimes one bad trait can eclipse all others, like a giant “cries all the time” moon.

In our Stupid Human News segment, Dan and Andrea read some news stories and then tried to guess whether it was in fact true or a story we just made up. Andrea did not have a good showing today, and we employed the help of Noelle to give her some well-deserved spankings. Hard to root for Andrea to do well if this is the outcome, honestly.

We then moved on to a Valentine’s Day hangover edition of our Know It or Show It game, with each of the categories having to do with famous loves and lovers. Just when you think the storm has passed for the year, we rain down some more heart-shaped raindrops on ya. Sorry about that.

After a short break, we welcomed in our guest for the hour, dancer and model Rosa Acosta! Besides being a classically-trained ballerina and fashion entrepreneur, she also happens to be a beautiful model. Some people have all the luck.

To close out the show, our girls ran through a Model Mogul test, where they had to read a line in their best seductive tones, pose for their fitness DVD cover, and show off their best sexy dance move. Don’t forget, like most things, teamwork always helps out when sexy dancing is involved.

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