Wednesday 2/17/16

Welcome to another fabulous Playboy Morning Show blog. Let these fanciful words be your guide throughout the day.

We started things off this beautiful morning by asking our girls to give us their thoughts on some hypothetical dating profiles. Not everything works for every girl, except if you mention weed and boats, apparently.

It was then time to check our mailbox, which has gotten quite stuffed with letters from you guys, and also some panties that continue to appear week after week, from some unknown source. But props to the postal service for sending them through anyway. Unsung heroes right there.


As we went to our break today, we had some Gratuitous Nudity because why not.

We then brought in our guest for the hour, Donovan Leitch, host of AXS TV’s new show “Breaking Band,” which airs Sundays at 9:30/8:30C. Donovan talked about being the son of some very well-known parents, his time in the band Camp Freddy, and the time he went to New York and worked in fashion for six years on a whim. You know, normal rock star stuff.

To close out the show, we had Donovan judge our girls in the Fuck Me Voice, where they sat on our couch and read un-sexy sentences in a sexy way, and spelled out words in an orgasm-like manner. In the end, Cody was declared the winner, and got to use her sexy voice to promote “Breaking Band.” Maybe a secondary career is in the works?

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