Thursday 2/18/16

We can see the weekend on the horizon! Let the Playboy Morning Show guide you to the calm shore on the other side.

We started the show off today by celebrating what feels like the 1,000th Town Hall of this election year by playing some Politic of Lunatic. Can you tell the difference between quotes said by heads of government and those touched in the head? We certainly can’t.

After that, our buddy Mr. Skin dropped us a line and we chatted about some celeb nudity in TV and film. Good for “Deadpool” for showing us that superhero movies can also showcase some super nakedness. That’s our superpower.

Moving on, we showed off our sweaty side by doing some Sexercise. We saw some seriously impressive displays of sexual strength at play here, and we got tired just from watching. Watch your blood pressure, guys.

After a short intermission, we welcomed in Big Percy and his crew from the Pomona City Movement, a new force in hip-hop music. They talked about their influences in West Coast rap music, what it’s like repping the whole of Pomona, and their new venture into the realm of exotic Brazilian liquor. Talk about an awesome investment.

To close things out, we played The Next Hip-Hop Hottie, where our girls showed off their rap superstar personas, dropped some mad lines (and fat beats), and danced their best rap music video dance. Or as they say in the business, swag, skill, and sexiness. (We just made that up)

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