Monday 2/22/16

If you only had one shot… one opportunity… one chance to read the Playboy Morning Show blog… would you take it? The choice is yours.

We made Monday better right from the start, with a healthy helping of Fe-Makes: Public Figures Edition. Our models represented different public figures, but put an honest spin on them, which we found quite refreshing. It’s not often that someone tells you that they’re going to screw you over, but when it’s a hot model, we find it a little easier to take.

We allowed Andrea to have a shot at retribution in a Stupid Human News segment, after her showing last week that resulting in a spanking. Today, both she and Dan fared much better, proving that it was just a kink that needed to be worked out. We’re big fans of working out kinks.

In our Talk Dirty To Me game, our beautiful models put on their sultriest voices and did their best to craft phone sex sentences out of random words that we gave them. If you think “Jell-O mold” or “palpitations” can’t be said sexily, listen closer.

We took a quick break and then came back to talk about the allure of powerful men in our Hot Girl Focus Group. Our girls are very down-to-earth, and it’s nice to know that they hold true feelings higher than just dating a guy for his money. You go, girls.

To close things out for us today, we played some Thirst Responders, where we took a look at social media comments and saw if they were good enough that they would warrant a response from our beauties. Turns out sliding into the DM’s is more myth than truth, so keep your emojis at home, guys.

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