Tuesday 2/23/16

Hoo-boy! The Playboy Morning Show is a Ho-Down and Hootenanny all rolled up into one!

Speaking of party time, we at the Playboy Morning Show have learned that recently the Gronk family (of professional football fame) “hijacked” a cruise into their very own party boat. Sounds crazy, but we here at the Morning Show think we can get crazier: with our Boob Cruise, we replicated deck activity Strip Cornhole, which sounds dirtier than it is. But it’s still pretty dirty…

We then welcomed in our guest, adult film star Brett Rossi. Brett has a new boy/girl series called “Delicious,” and the first installment is out now, so check that out. But, make sure you go incognito first.

While Brett was in studio, we had her read the questions for our Skin to Win game. Our models flashed their appropriate body part to answer trivia questions, in a brain-meets-brawn extravaganza. It’s like rubbing your head and patting your stomach at the same time, although this one we don’t recommend you try in mixed company.


We took a lightning fast break before coming back to examine the strange noise heard aboard NASA’s spaceships after they went on the dark side of the moon. What could it be? Jarbled radio frequency? Alien transmission? Hot girls using their naked bodies to play the theramin? Guess which one we tested.

To finish off the show today, we celebrated the invention of the printing press, without which we would never have had the glory that is Playboy. It was invented today hundreds of years ago, and to showcase its great power, we had our sexy girls paint each other and stamp some stencils onto paper with their naked bodies. We’ve come a long way.


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