The Playboy Morning Show is seen live every Monday through Thursday morning at 9amPST on PlayboyTV, and also heard live streaming at playboyradio.com. Hosts Dan Cummins and Andrea Lowell create an interactive version of Playboy magazine, integrating many of the publication’s famous features and bringing the Playboy lifestyle to your home, or wherever you stream. The show is overflowing with Playmates, experts in fields such as dating and sex, and a plethora of celebrities, authors, and more! In addition to our daily broadcast from the “Mini-Mansion,” we do live broadcasts from The Mansion itself, Playboy clubs and many other special Playboy events.

28 Responses to “About”

  1. Hey I just wanted to know if you guys had heard about Jeron begging for gift cards on Tiffany Granaths show on Tuesday?
    Thanx, love the show.
    Jeron sux

    • voice_of_reason Says:

      As a matter of fact that was my idea for Tiff to give Jerron the $50 Flemmings gift card. I tweeted Marie with the idea because we all know how much he loves all things free, especially coupons and gift cards. Jerron was not begging, he was asked…just not before Tiffs brother called in asking for it.
      Voice of reason

  2. hey guys love the show. i lisiten everyday while i deliver the mail in podunk illinois. my only comment is to bring back more cookie monster and do more fun with phones.

  3. Hi Guys, I stayed in bed an extra hour today just listening and laughing…Welcome back…
    Andrea you make me soooo horrrny…luv u bigtime!

  4. Master Dominic Says:

    I have to say that although you have many many beautiful women on your show, Andrea is by far the most beautiful. She’s open and funny and sexually charged. As an experienced Dom, I would be proud to take Andrea and train her to me my personal sex slave. I would be proud to have her as my submissive slut.

  5. mark rogerson Says:

    Hey andrea we love u and ur titties and I would love to bang u

    • Glynn hall Says:

      Hey there, I watch y’all show alot I was woundering when yall hav single guys come on your show again because I’m a single guy looking for a single ladys. I been out of dating for like two years and I need some help on what to do. I’m a outgoing guy I’m down for anything and just like to have fun where every I go. And I love to make ppl laugh. I love water sports and love the summer time. I hav respected for women and Im a very understanding guy. I’m just look for that special someone. So if u can’t help me out. I would thank u alot.

  6. Hey – thanks again for getting me to http://www.pbmorningshow.com yesterday! Now I at least have images in my mind when I listen to you on the radio in the morning! I did google searches galore for this page and nothing ever came up! Andrea is beautiful and Kevin doesn’t look like the dorky guy I thought he was going to look like from his voice (no offense). Thanks again for that info

    Sincerely – Mike – Kansas City!

  7. John Howard Says:

    I love your show . Just started listening about 3 weeks. Has Kevin joined the mile high club? Question if you email in do they all get read or do only ones that come in at a certain time when your on air get read? I know you most get millions & can’t read them all. I asked because I need Help! I writen you, playboy advisor ,Tiffany Granit,& even night calls. I’ve got no responts so I’m wondering em I doing something wrong. Running out of time.

  8. I missed part of one of the march madness stories. How do I get a transcript of the round when it was Playboy Special Editions model Ashley Ilenfeld vs. Playboy Live model Allison Sky! I would like to get the transcript of the story by Ashley, who ran away with the votes for her story of having sex on the highway – WHILE DRIVING.

  9. Hi Morning Show,
    Just wanted to say that i listen every morning on the way to work, and that Andrea, yes, the always beautiful Andrea is one of the most intelligent people on PB radio. Don’t dumb it down for Kevin girl, you got it all, looks and brains, and to top it off a great personality. Nothing sexier than an intelligent, confident women. Keep it up, or keep ME up, whatever works.

  10. Scott Raydo Says:

    I have the 10 million dollar guess for the first player to be picked for the NFL draft. I think it will be Cam Newton! not like every one else wont pick that either but thats what im going with

  11. Kevin & Andrea,
    First, I love your show and I have to say everyone on your show makes my morning commute into work fantastic; even though I have to listen to the replay. (East Coast) My question to the morning show is that given Heff’s recent engagment have you all thought abought doing a segment on remarkable marriage propsals? I have a personal friend who is in L.A. this week for television interview and thought it would be an intersting topic for the show given Heff’s recent ingagment himself. If you would like to see the propsal I am referenceing please go to mattandginny.com (over 11 million views on youtube. Just kicking around the idea. Keep up the good work and as always my radio will be tuned into the playboy radio show every weekday.

  12. Great show Guy’s. You too Kevin.
    Hey, I see you love boats. Get a chance to do South Florida? Come by the Bella Vita Boat club once a month starting Friday night through the weekend. You won’t regret it.. Just Google it. See ya.

  13. Timothy Colomer Says:

    You guys are killing me! I have been calling and bitching about winning the first “finish a joke” contest you had. I finished the joke, “How do you spot a blind man on a nude beach?” I said, “”He is the only one wearing clothes.” I am still waiting for my on line Playboy subscription. I am pretty bummed out. I am pretty sure it is the black guys fault. Hook a brother up with some cool Playboy swag!!

  14. Its not “pantsing”!!! It is “depantsing”! You are not putting pants on people! You are taking them off! So, I guess when we die, we compose rather than decompose.

  15. kevin and andrea love the morning show, listen every day. andrea is such sexy lady, also love the the tiffany grantah show. tiffany and dirty maire drive me crazy. playboy radio has the hottest women around , by far hands down!

  16. Kim from Ohio Says:

    Talked to you about how hott Andrea is and the abusive redneck bashing song…..not sure how to send pics….lol

  17. Daniel Bryan Says:

    Is the morning show looking for experienced audio guys? I am looking to relocate to Los Angeles. Thank you.

  18. Gregory Auman Says:

    I notice Andrea has a nice size rock on her wedding finger. You guys never say anything about your sig others or your personal lives.

  19. looking to see the Interveiw with the cpt john adolotte from diamond divers I want a copy of that interveiw awesome yoiu guys are the shit I dont do women but Ild do you girlfriend your smokin hot love ya tree whidbey Island wa 98277

  20. alright love the show but i need to see pictures of ” big titty “elise and gina” i want your weiner”!

  21. What the e mail address for the radio show.i wanna see this British girl from page 3 and hotshot

  22. In honor of shark week. What does a female shark like in her mouth??
    A “slippery dick”.
    Look it up. It’s an actual name of a fish.

  23. Lorne Wilson aka Napoleon Says:

    Hey guys love the show I wanna try and call in a nd talk to you guys but im never in service in up in Canada running Skidder but I’m able to listen to your show I was wondering if you guys would do a shout out to me and my buddy’s up here loggen we all listen to you guys in the morning or something like an underwear update first thing in the show would be sweet if you could if you can do it like 15 minutes into your show not sure if its possible be would be sweet if you could but could understand if you didn’t

  24. Andrea getting turned on today by this month’s playmate was so hot. she “sells” her attraction to hot babes very well….. boner over here……..

  25. Brent Himmelreich Says:

    I have a friend who is trying to get into Playboy. She is currently on Playboy Miss Social gathering votes. VOTE for Alicia Eckenroth on Playboy Miss Social!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Kevin and Andrea!

  26. Hi Andrea is it bad that i watch the show and jerkoff fantasing about you

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